Isle of Jura Superstition Scotch Whiskey Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B-

Isle of Jura Superstition single malt scotch whiskey

(Credit: Isle of Jura)

I have to admit finding Isle of Jura’s New Agey mystical marketing overdone at times, such as is the case with the Superstition single malt scotch. The idea of using Celtic imagery for a line of scotch makes sense, but the Egyptian ankh? It’s a bit much in my book. Supposedly they chose the ankh because it is the symbol of immortality, and the Jura islanders are an especially long-lived bunch. The “superstition” title is drawn from the superstitious nature of the islanders, and their tradition of not cutting the peat before May.

Don’t let the New Age packaging discourage you, however. Underneath it all is a respectable, mid-peaty single malt scotch.

The Scotch
Isle of Jura Superstition single malt is bottled at 43% alcohol, and enjoys a lovely gold-amber color. It is made from whiskeys that were aged between 13 and 21 years (two coincidentally mystical numbers?), with 13% of the contents drawn from heavily peated malt whiskey (there is that number 13 again).

The nose of Superstition is predominately one of peat smoke and wood, with a hint of orange blossoms poking about in the background. On the palate, the scotch retains its peaty, woody character, but mixes in a little honey sweetness and pepper for good measure. The finish is of short-to-middling length, and smoky with a spicy bite on the end.

The Price
I typically see Isle of Jura’s Superstition priced at 32 euros in Europe, or about 27¬£ in the UK. In the United States, the single malt goes for about $45 or $50.

Superstition carried the silver at the 2007 International Spirits Competition, but it’s best year was 2009. The scotch won gold at the San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition, silver and Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, gold at the International Spirits Competition, and 93/100 from the Beverage Tasting Institute. In 2010, it returned to the¬†International Wine and Spirits Competition to win another silver.

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  1. Me? Oww, I’m just superstitious about the number 9.

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