Bourbon Baked Apples Recipe


By Richard Thomas

Bourbon Baked Apples

A classic autumnal desert
with a bourbon twist
(Credit: Richard Thomas)

Bourbon baked apples takes a classic autumnal desert recipe and put a bourbon-twist on them, and is much simpler to make than bourbon pumpkin pie. You don’t even need to peel the apples to make this recipe, so it’s even easier than you think. Ten minutes of prep, half an hour in the oven, and it’s done.

6 to 8 Gala apples
1/3 cup of brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1 lemon
2 tbsp of bourbon whiskey

Preheat the oven to 375 F (190 C).

Core and chop the apples. As previously noted, there is no need to peel the apples, although you can do this if you wish. Put the apple chunks into a mixing bowl.

Pour the cinnamon and brown sugar onto the apples and stir. Cut the lemon in half, and squeeze the juice from both halved into the bowl. Measure out and pour your bourbon whiskey into the bowl as well. Stir it again.

Pour the contents of the mixing bowl into a bake-safe pot or pan, including the sweet liquid at the bottom. Bake the apples uncovered for 30 minutes.

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