Tuthilltown Manhattan Rye Whiskey Review


By Jake Emen

Rating: B-

Tuthilltown Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey

Tuthilltown’s Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey
(Credit: Jake Emen)

Tuthilltown Spirits is home to a family of five whiskeys, including the recently reviewed Hudson Baby Bourbon, New York State’s first bourbon since prohibition, with a 100% corn bill.

Here, I’ll take a look at the Hudson Manhattan Rye. Wait a minute. Manhattan Rye?… Oh yes, of course, Manhattans are traditionally made with rye whiskey. In this case, a rye from New York State. Kudos for a clever name, with chuckles around. But now, onwards to the whiskey.

The Rye
The Manhattan Rye has a lot in common with the Baby Bourbon. It also uses a small barrel aging, is aged for less than four years, uses locally farm-sourced ingredients, isn’t chill filtered, and has no added coloring or artificial flavors. It also is bottled at 46% abv and double-distilled.

But from there, of course, things diverge pretty significantly. This is a 100% rye whiskey, not a 100% corn bourbon, and it has a robust flavor you feel in your core. Surprisingly though, out of the bottle and even in the glass, the nose is light, with a lingering sweetness and faint floral aromas.

The taste is spicy all the way through. Intense spices and pepper eventually give way to a hit of spearmint which continues through the finish before ending in still more pepper.

As opposed to other rye whiskeys I’ve sampled recently, such as Templeton Rye, which is lighter in color and sharper in taste, Tuthilltown’s Hudson Manhattan Rye is dark and deep. It’s the type of whiskey you’d want in a flask in a cold day to provide you with instantaneous and lasting warmth. It’s also a bit of a challenge, rough around the edges, but with a unique profile which leaves an impression.

On ice, the whiskey has an almost licorice sweetness appears on the nose, backed by the smell of a damp, dense forest, perhaps the same one you’re trudging through right about when you could use that warmth from your flask.

Tuthilltown hand bottles and numbers all of their products. This was bottle 1361 of batch 12, year 12. I learned from my experience with the Baby Bourbon, and took the serious scissors straight to the wax seal this time, and cut it right off.

The Price
Tuthilltown Hudson Manhattan Rye is offered in a 375 ml bottle and sells for between $45 and $50 at most online retailers.

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