Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Bar Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B-

Jack Daniel's chocolate

Yet another Jack Daniel’s product…
except this one is pretty good!
(Credit: Richard Thomas)

Based on my observations alone, I believe no other whiskey-maker licenses their name to anything like the extent that Jack Daniel’s does. At the supermarket alone, their name could appear in at least three different aisles, a testament to just how far the company licenses its brand.

Thus Jack Daniel’s is into candy, such as its iconic can of fudge or chocolate bars like the one I review here. While some Kentucky bourbon-makers have candies (most notably Woodford Reserve’s bourbon balls), the JD chocolate bar is the sort of thing that shows up on market shelves in Portugal and duty free shops at Narita International Airport.

Jack Daniel’s is the only whiskey company around that is as ubiquitous for its many spin-off products as it is for its actual whiskey. And let’s face it: most of those products are average at best. As previously covered, some barbecue sauces bearing the Jack Daniel’s name are quite hum-drum. So what about Goldkenn’s Jack Daniel’s chocolate?

The Chocolate
I was pleasantly surprised by the Jack Daniel’s chocolate bar. It’s a capsule bar, divided into blocks, each with a hollow containing a little whiskey syrup. The exterior is above average quality milk chocolate, while the whiskey capsule is encased with a crunchier, more robust chocolate candy material. The syrup itself is diluted and not especially alcoholic, and the actual amount of whiskey used in making this chocolate bar is far less than a single shot. Even so, there is enough JD in the chocolate bar to enhance the flavor, bringing some of that maple sweetness into the choco-picture.

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