Bird Dog Peach Flavored Whiskey Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: C

Bird Dog Peach Flavored Whiskey

Bird Dog Peach Flavored Whiskey
(Credit: Bird Dog)

Just like vodka before it, whiskey is experiencing a boomtime-driven expansion into the area of flavored liquor. These days it seems every big distillery is either getting into secondary maturation, or barrel finishing, or producing flavored whiskey. Honey whiskey has been getting much of the attention lately, both in the U.S. and the U.K., but it’s not the only player in flavoring whiskey, as Bird Dog amply demonstrates.

Hawking its wares under the tagline “this dog don’t bite,” Bird Dog’s line begins and ends with flavored bourbon. Because the whiskey does not bear the appellation “straight,” and because Bird Dog does not claim to have its own distillery, we know that the bourbon in question is both sourced and under two years old. Add to that the knowledge that flavored whiskey of this type is usually meant for cocktails (see Jim Beam Red Stag or DYC Red One), and the questions become 1) what does the flavoring do for the immature whiskey; 2) is that enough to make it drinkable on its own?

The BourbonBird Dog Peach is bottled at 80 proof (40% abv) in a clear glass bottle with a nice wood and cork stopper. That in and of itself is something noteworthy, since you don’t see too many fifth-bottles of whiskey in the $20 range sporting a nice stopper like that.

My guess is the peach flavoring has darkened what would otherwise be a very young-looking bourbon, because the coloring in tthe glass is honey gold. The nose is very peachy and sweet, like strongly brewed peach tea. Just a hint of vanilla and a very slight alcoholic tinge are, in fact, all that lies there to remind you it isn’t strong peach tea.

The flavor follows from there, with no surprises: super strong sweet peach with a shot of vanilla. A slight, cloying, alcoholic astringency lies underneath, a reminder of the young and unremarkable whiskey at the center of the drink. The finish is of moderate warmth and length, leaving a syrupy, peachy aftertaste.

Although I fail to see much point to drinking Bird Dog Peach neat, I can see much merit to it as a summertime whiskey served on the rocks. Putting it on ice in no way dulls the flavor, and turns it into a rather refreshing drink. I imagine it would be dynamite as an iced tea mixer, but that will need to wait for another time. The 50ml sample bottle I picked up only went so far.

Another big virtue of Bird Dog Peach is the price: a full 750ml bottle typically runs $20.

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  1. I don’t consider myself a bourbon whiskey expert so I just rely on what taste good to me. I’ve tried a number of bourbon brands over the years and find some to my liking and some not. Birddog Peach whiskey was my first experienced with flavored whiskeys. And I must say I have found this product great. I have since tried other brands’ flavored whiskeys but have returned to Birddog and their other flavors. I give this a thumbs up.

  2. Just purchased my first bottle of peach whiskey ….. It will not be my last….. Smooth, easy to drink and no need for a mixer…..ya gotta. Love it……

  3. I am rather experienced in bourbons and scotch. Bird Dog can not be beat, especially (as the author noted) for the price. I have many friends who say they “hate” whiskey and quickly change their minds once they try this… “foo-foo” drink. Unlike Fireball, which is pretty much indistinguishable from hot damn or other cinnamon flavored vodkas that came WAY before it, Bird Dog has mastered the art of finding a unique flavor that maintains a true whiskey flavor while making it bearable to sip on for the slight of stomach. Maybe it hasn’t matured, but I just picked up a gift set which included a 750ml bottle of peach and 4 airplane bottles of other flavors for… gasp… $15. Today is 12/5/14 and I live in Virginia.

  4. Great product, affordable! Great for pouring over some ice and sipping all summer! Smooth even flavor, a little on the sweet side but pleasant nonetheless!

  5. Picked up a bottle of Bird Dog Peach Flavored Whiskey at our local Safeway (on sale) for $14.99 (750ml bottle). I was looking through the bourbons and whiskeys and this one caught my eye because we happen to have a “bird dog” (Brittany). Can’t wait to try it after reading the reviews.

  6. Mixed with un sweetened ice tea made a great summer drink. Went down a bit too easy

  7. My husband and I love this brand. We are very hard pressed to find it in California though. Anyone have suggestions?

  8. Hey hi, just had a super great cocktail while passing through SanFran at one of the oldest establishments to survive the 1906 quake. While there I had the unique experience of having a peach flavored whiskey cocktail, a “FishBait” I think. Includes (as best I can remember) shot of Peach whiskey , pinch of orange juice, pinch of peach liquor and it was superb. Really like to get a mixology list of cocktails made with peach flavored whiskies.

  9. I have long time been a beer drinker, just recently really enjoying whiskey, bourbon, and other stronger drinks. I have sampled everything from the top brands to the bottom, and I find myself coming back to bird dog over and over. I first tried the apple , and loved it, even over the likes over apple crown.( I love Crown). Just picked up a gift set with the 750 ml peach and 4 airplane size bottles for under $20 !!! Cant wait to enjoy this many times over. Bird Dog is hard to beat when sipping straight, and is excellent over the rocks or mixed in your favorite beverage.

  10. I don’t know anything about whisky, I tried Jack Daniels first and it was a bit harsh for me to drink straight. I bought peach Bird Dog the second time I looked for a whisky because I liked the look of the bottle for the price that it was. I like my whisky cold no matter what and this was absolutely delicious on the rocks in the summer. Especially for someone with a weak stomach. Amazing flavor, I know whisky loses its flavor and aromas when it’s chilled but this was still tasty even after I decided to chill it.

  11. Looking to stock my Own Bar Man Cave..
    Flavored. Brobon, Whiskey,

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