Passion for the Red Whiskey Cocktail


By Richard Thomas

Pasion por la Roja

DYC’s Passion for the Red cocktail
(Credit: DYC)

Fruit-infused whiskeys like Bird Dog are as much a fixture on the whiskey scene now as fruit-infusion was with vodka a decade and a half ago, and just as with vodka, many of those fruit infusions were meant not for straight drinking, but for use in cocktails. A big favorite among the whiskey infusions is the cherry whiskey, so much so that it seems like I can’t pass a month without seeing a blog post on making your own cherry-infused whiskey or moonshine come up on my news alerts.

The Pasion Por La Roja, or Passion for the Red, is a cocktail recipe I saw from DYC, the Spanish distillery behind the cherry-flavored DYC Red One. Not everyone lives in or around Spain, but given the sheer quantity of fruit going into this cocktail, I think any cherry-infused whiskey, like Jim Beam Red Stag, will do just as well. Think “sangria,” except made with whiskey and cherries instead of wine and a fruit basket.

Another way to go with this that I was inspired to try was not putting the used up lime into the mix after squeezing, and then putting the jam-cherry-juice-whiskey-ice concoction into the blender. The result is an off the hook super cherry, alcoholic smoothie.

7o ml (2.3 oz or 1.5 shots) of cherry-infused whiskey
Half a dozen fresh cherries
1 tbs of cherry jam
1/8 of a lime

Cut the cherry fruit meat away from the pits and combine in a cup with the whiskey, lime slice, and jam. Stir thoroughly, and add ice.

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