Ranger Creek Formally Releases .44 Rye Whiskey Today

Ranger Creek .44 Rye Whiskey

Ranger Creek’s .44 Rye Whiskey
(Credit: S.D. Peters)

Ranger Creek has released their new Texas rye whiskey as the third installment of their Small Caliber Series.  Following the series’s theme of naming each whiskey after a firearm, the .44 Texas Rye is named after the powerful Walker Colt of the 1840’s. Past Small Calibers include the .36 bourbon and the Rimfire mesquite-smoked American malt. The Whiskey Reviewer got another sneak peak at this whiskey, when S.D. Peters made the media’s first formal review of the new .44 Rye last week.

Rye has a distinct flavor that can be diverse and complex.  It is often described as spicy, sometimes as fruity, and can manifest as cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, clove, or tobacco.  Ranger Creek’s .44 Texas Rye was designed to highlight the complexity of the grain.  It is a 100% rye whiskey that is aged in used bourbon barrels.  The used barrels produce a more spirit-forward whiskey that allows the flavor of the grain to shine.  .44 Texas Rye pours a rich gold with a nose of cinnamon, mint, and toffee.  The taste is strong and compact with notes of clove and tobacco.  It has a clean, warming finish with lingering notes of fresh bread crust.  The whiskey opens up with two drops of water to amplify the diverse rye flavors.   The distillery recommends enjoying this premium sipping whiskey neat or on the rocks.

As with all of Ranger Creek’s products, .44 Texas Rye was made from grain to glass in San Antonio.  The distillery takes great pride in making every drop of the whiskeys they sell.

Ranger Creek .44 Texas Rye was initially released on November 30, 2013, but heretofore was available only at the distillery until early December.  It is now available both at the distillery for $29 and on retail shelves for the recommended retail price of $34.99.  The limited edition whiskey is available at select, high-end spirits retailers only in Texas, including Spec’s, Gabriel’s, Total Wine & More, and fine independent stores.

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