Whiskonsin Whiskey Mustard Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B+

Whiskey mustard

Whiskonsin Whiskey Mustard
(Credit: Milwaukee Mustard Co.)

Part of the whiskey boom is the way whiskey is finding its way into all sorts of products, and while “Jack Daniels in everything” might dominate your supermarket shelves, the better examples of whiskey in food are more usually found in more niche-oriented shops. One of those better examples comes from Milwaukee Mustard Co.

In keeping with its local ingredients ethos, Milwaukee Mustard’s Whiskonsin Whiskey Mustard uses KinnicKinnic from Great Lakes Distillery as its spiker, putting that blend of bourbon and malt whiskeys into a grainy mustard that is firmly in the sweet mustard camp. Yes, there is a little cayenne pepper, but the essence of this mustard is in its use of honey, nutmeg, and apple cider vinegar, to which the blended whiskey provides a pleasant enhancement. Sweet whiskey mustard is the only thing that makes sense, I think, because it’s hard to see whiskey working with a spicy mustard.

I’ve often commented in cooking articles that bourbon in particular is at its best in pork dishes, and that is certainly true of this Whiskonsin Whiskey Mustard. I tried it in two classic grainy mustard applications: on a good country ham sandwich; and with corned beef and cabbage. It wasn’t bad with the corned beef, but it was truly at home with that ham. A jar of this would go well with everything porky, from my hand sandwich to a pork roast dinner, and certain especially porky sausages as well.

According to the Milwaukee Mustard Co. website, this whiskey mustard is not available outside of Milwaukee. If you should find yourself there or if the distribution should expand, and you like sweet mustard, get this one. You won’t regret it.

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