Green Temptation Cocktail Recipe


By Richard Thomas

DYC cherry whiskey cocktail

DYC’s Green Temptation
(Credit: DYC)

If you have a bottle of cherry-infused whiskey laying around, such as Jim Beam Red Stag, and don’t know what to do with it, I have a suggestion from DYC in Spain: the Green Temptation. Like a lot of my mixing recipes, this one doesn’t require anything you aren’t likely to have around the house in the first place, or can’t easily and cheaply get. It’s simple to make, and makes for a good and fruity summertime drink.

60 ml (2 oz) of apple juice
60 ml (2 0z) of cherry-infused whiskey
1/8 slice of lime
Table sugar

Combine the apple juice and cherry-infused whiskey with the lime slice, a teaspoon of sugar, and a dash of cinnamon. If you have cinnamon sticks, use that as a garnish in place of adding the cinnamon to the mixture. Stir thoroughly and serve on ice.

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