Onyx Spirits Puts Barrel-Aged Whiskey Into Regular Release


Onyx Spirits Company, the first distillery to produce Connecticut whiskey in centuries, has announced the December release of a whiskey that revives colonial craftsmanship. The whiskey, to be named Secret Stash Reserve, is produced by barrel aging the award winning Onyx Moonshine in hand-built, charred, American oak barrels.

Onyx Moonshine, made from corn, malted grains, and Connecticut spring water, is the style of whiskey that would have been produced in the state throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. The first documented distillery in Connecticut opened in New London, CT in 1661 and by the end of the 1600s, there were 21 distilleries in Hartford County alone. The method and style of producing Onyx Moonshine in small, 55-gallon stills closely mimics the process Connecticut distilleries used over 300 years ago.

“We released a Secret Stash private barrel in December 2013 and July 2014 as part of a test run to see what our customers think. Not only did the whiskey sell quickly, but we also won a gold medal from the International Craft Spirit Awards,” said Onyx Spirits Company co-founder Adam von Gootkin. “We rediscovered why Connecticut was home to so many distilleries. Our cold winters and hot summers result in what is arguably the best climate on the East Coast for whiskey distilling and aging. This product showcases the natural resources of the state while simultaneously nodding to our rich history and supporting small businesses statewide,” he added.

The blue and gold label features a picture of a woman that was taken from a prohibition era lady’s pocket mirror. The bottle also features two Charter Oak trees consistent with Onyx Spirit Company’s vision of celebrating Connecticut’s heritage. The water used in production comes from one of the state’s only spring water sources, and the labels are printed in Deep River, Connecticut. The bottles will be shipped to stores in December of 2014 and will retail for approximately $34.99 each.

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