Wild Turkey Forgiven Whiskey Review


By S.D. Peters

Rating: B

Wild Turkey Forgiven

The second round of Wild Turkey’s rye-bourbon hybrid, Forgiven
(Credit: S.D. Peters)

This bourbon/rye hybrid from Jimmy and Eddie Russell first appeared in 2013. It’s success then ensured it’s comeback in October 2014. Originally the result of a “happy accident” in which a small batch bourbon found its way into a batch of high-proof rye, Forgiven appears to have lived-up to its name.

The Whiskey
Forgiven comes in a Nouveau-curved bottle that is similar in appearance to Wild Turkey Rare Breed, although this breed of WT is rarer still, and comes individually numbered. (My bottle is #302.) Like all Wild Turkey product, it has a cork stopper.

The blend of bourbon (six years) and rye (4 years) is 78% and 22%. For rye drinkers, that may not look on paper like enough rye in a product that’s touted as a hybrid, but the quality of that rye lends double that percentage in flavor.

The bell-like body of the bottle nicely exhibits the whiskey’s russet-copper. In the glass, tree bark, tobacco, and leathery peppercorn fill-out an otherwise standard nose of salted caramel.

At 91 Proof (45%ABV), Forgiven may be less bold than Wild Turkey’s standard 101 Bourbon, but the presence of the high-proof rye recalls the company’s now-discontinued 101 Rye in its flavor. The pepper-encrusted bitter chocolate and black raspberry richness of the classic 101 Rye top a sun-warmed praline, chased by a dash of allspice. The finish has a warm, lingering, and mildly sweet caramel character, sprinkled with pepper and suffused with new leather and wild berries. All-in-all, it offers the best of both worlds for Bourbon and Rye drinkers, though neither will be likely to rate it over their favorite straight version.

The Price
Wild Turkey Forgiven is a limited edition bottling, and is priced accordingly at $50 for a 750ml bottle.

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  1. We’re and how can I get my hands on this.

    • It’s in general distribution, so it is just a matter of finding a liquor store that chooses to stock it while that stock lasts.

      An alternative would be to ask your favorite shop to order it for you, or to go through an online retailer.

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