Fary Lochan Forar Batch 1 Whisky Review


By Richard Thomas


Fary Lochan Forar, Batch 1

Fary Lochan Forar Danish Whisky
(Credit: Fary Lochan)

Sometimes the subject of European whisky comes up in bar chat, and by that I mean Continental European. Many a Britisher is surprised by the idea that anyone across the Channel or the North Sea is making whisky, so much so that they don’t even assume it’s malt whisky made on the Scottish model. But that is exactly what they are doing in places like Fary Lochan in Denmark.

This particular Fary Locahn whisky translates into “Spring,” and is part of a 375-bottle batch. Those bottles are 50 cl at 47% abv.

The Whisky
The liquid has a light gold, full-bodied white wine appearance in the glass. The scent blends rich apples with a hefty dose of malty cereals, spiced with a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and cloves. It’s a pleasant nose, not overtly complex but certainly strong in character.

On the palate, the whisky has a weighty, oily feel, really putting down a coat you can feel around the corners of your mouth. Apples and pears, that dash of cookie spice, a hint of toffee, and a little wood. The finish flows out of the cookie spice note and transitions into just the lightest touch of ginger alone, being as sweet as it is warm. What Fary Lochan has made here is a fine sipping whisky from start to finish, and one that provides an interesting contrast between the heft of its mouthfeel and the fine, light character of its flavors.

The Price
Forar Batch 1 is listed by Fary Lochan for 1,000 DKK (Danish crowns). Don’t let that intimidate you, because it translates into $148/£98/134. Beware of retailer mark-up, because some have it listed for double that price.

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