Dark Corner Moonshine Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B+

Dark Corner Moonshine/Corn Whiskey

Dark Corner Moonshine
(Credit: Dark Corner Distillery)

Located in upcountry Greenville, South Carolina, Dark Corner Distillery has built up a hefty bundle of buzz around itself, appearing in books, news and television. The distillery puts out a range of products, including a bourbon and a rye, but they are best known for their entries into legal moonshine.

After all, these are the people who say they produce the “world’s best moonshine,” and by that they specifically mean this particular corn whiskey.

The Whiskey
This moonshine is a corn whiskey, made with 84% non-GMO corn, plus smatterings of red winter wheat and malted barley. Dial down the corn just a few points, and the mashbill would be suitable for a high-corn bourbon. In keeping with the moonshine title, the whiskey is bottled at a triple digit proof number, 100 (50% abv).

With no sugar-spiking, this moonshine scores high off the bat for mellowness. The nose is pure corn husk and sweetness, without any of the burn you might expect for a half-alcohol, unaged whiskey.

The flavor marks is just as mellow, marking this as an easy drinking sipper. The core of corn sweetness is enhanced by a dash of pleasant, mild cookie and cake spices and just a hint of the corn husk that often marks even good corn whiskey. The finish is even parts corn sweet and corn husk, with a very light and mild current of warmth.

Straight or on ice, this is a nice little white whiskey. For those of us who have developed a taste for such things, Dark Corner Moonshine serves as a marvelous, clear summer whiskey.

The Price
Dark Corner Moonshine retails for $39 per fifth bottle with the online retailers we checked.

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