New Indictment In Bourbon Heist Case


By Richard Thomas

Leslie Wright, a 34 year old former security guard at Buffalo Trace Distillery, was indicted in connection to the Bourbon Heist Ring yesterday according to Franklin County, Kentucky prosecutors.

Allegedly, Wright was recruited by ringleader Gilbert Curtsinger and paid $800 to look the other way as Curtsinger made off with bourbon stored in stainless steel kegs on two separate occasions. Wright’s explanation is that Curtsinger, who was also an employee at Buffalo Trace at the time, told her the barrels were empty and being removed for scrap. At least one of the kegs was found to contain Eagle Rare 17 Year Old, part of the popular Buffalo Trace Antique Collection.

Stainless steel containers of the type stolen by Curtsinger are frequently used for temporary storage of a whiskey after it has completed maturation.

At the time of the indictments of the initial nine members of Curtsinger’s crew, The Whiskey Reviewer learned from sources in Kentucky law enforcement of several unindicted co-conspirators. Wright is the second new development in the case, following the resignation of Frankfort police officer Michael Wells after he was connected to Curtsinger’s illegal steroid trafficking.

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