Five Reasons To Buy Amanda Cerny A Scotch


By Richard Thomas

Playmate, fitness model, social media icon. These days its the latter part that has earned Cerny enough fans to populate a medium-sized city, and she stands as both the “Queen of Snapchat” and a titan of Vine comedy.

Running into Cerny in a bar is the kind of daydream scenario that most of her male fans can literally only dream about, and if it did happen I imagine 99% of them would be too dumbfounded to do anything with it. Yet should you get struck by lightning, find yourself in that lucky time and place and screw up the courage, my suggestion is to order her a Scotch, and here is why:

1. Amanda Cerny likes Scotch: When I was exploring the idea of doing a whisky interview with her, Cerny admitted she not only liked Scotch, specifically Dewar’s, but had even been to a distillery or two. That makes it a safe bet. Plus, if you are reading this you are probably a whisky enthusiast, so maybe you can show off some thoughtful know-how by sending over a light, flavorful Speyside single malt instead of the Dewar’s blended.

2. Because you might be giving her a career boost: Speaking of how Cerny likes Dewar’s, imagine what would happen if Bacardi, the parent company of Dewar’s, found out about that. She could be in line to succeed Claire Forlani as the next Dewar’s frontwoman. So buy Cerny a whisky, blab about it all over your social media, and hopefully you’ll land her a very nice gig in the bargain.

3. Because it’s good for her diet: Since Cerny is a fitness model, she is sure to appreciate all the low calorie, no carb virtues of a whisky relative to other types of drinks. Throw in the health benefits of drinking whisky, and you’ve got a clincher.

4. Amanda Cerny is uber-hot, but with a whisky she’s sizzling: If doing something nice for Cerny isn’t good enough, how about doing something for yourself? Although it is becoming something of a cliche these days, whisk(e)y is still the single sexiest thing a woman can order at the bar. With or without a little ice or water, it is the bold-yet-understated, rock solid confident choice. It’s the ultimate in stylish bar accessories, so send her one. Not just Cerny, but everyone in the room will thank you.

5. Cross your fingers, because your whisky might appear in a Cerny-Selfie: To dovetail back into being one of Amanda Cerny’s social media fans, sending her a Glencairn of good whisky might be the sort of thing that winds up being selfied. If not, then as a well-established creative lubricant, it just might provide the inspiration for her next funny video. That is the sort of thing that is all-gravy.


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  1. I’m not sure I need more than one reason. Bless you, Amanda.

  2. I’d buy Amanda a whole bottle of Scotch. All she has to do is put it on her Wishlist.

  3. Buy a beer or a wine …lol …………….

  4. Actually I would’t be dumb seeing her , I just would not do anything because I wouldn’t want …I don’t need to do anything just because shes beautiful ..trying to go “pickup artist” is stupid XD

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