Garrison Brothers To Release Second Cowboy Bourbon


By Richard Thomas

Sticking with plans announced last year, Garrison Brothers is poised to build on the success of their 2013 release of their Cowboy Bourbon with a second edition.

According to Barbizmag, this new installment of Cowboy Bourbon will be more than nine times larger than the original, a run of 5,200 bottles. The size of the production run is not the only bigger thing about this Texas bourbon. The four year old whiskey is  twice as big as the original as well, coming in 750 ml rather than 375 ml bottles. The whiskey will also be a cask strength, coming in at 135 proof (67.5% abv).

The original Cowboy Bourbon was the result of holding on to ten promising barrels of whiskey for extra aging, a potentially costly decision given that the angel’s share, or loss to evaporation, in Texas is higher than in Kentucky or Tennessee. The release raised quite a few eyebrows in whiskey circles, with Jim Murray naming it the American Micro Whiskey of the Year in his 2014 Whisky Bible.




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