Diageo Launches “Crafty” Whisky Union


By Richard Thomas

British drinks giant Diageo has unveiled a new campaign, Whisky Union, to expand its Scotch whisky market share, targeting the new drinkers that might otherwise be attracted to innovative American whiskeys, as well as exotic whiskies from Japan and non-traditional countries.

The first two Whisky Union products have already been released in Germany. Smoky Goat is a sweet, smoky blended Scotch aimed at bourbon drinkers, bottled at 40% abv and priced at €24. Boxing Hares is a spirit whisky based on blended Scotch and flavored with hops aimed at crossover drinkers (thus akin to Fireball in the U.S.), bottled at 35% abv and priced at €22. Huxley, a blend of Canadian, American and Scotch whiskeys, is to follow.

This plan to draw more drinkers to Diageo’s formidable Scotch whisky base, which includes the market leader brand Johnnie Walker, follows their decision last year to put all expansion plans on hold in the wake of contracting sales.

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