Jackson Morgan Whipped Orange Cream Liqueur Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: C

Jackson Morgan Orange Cream

Jackson Morgan Whipped Orange Cream Liqueur
(Credit: Spirits of Tennessee)

Jackson Morgan and its line of whiskey cream liqueurs comes from Spirits of Tennessee, the creation of Mike Wetherington and Ray Steelman, both old hands in the food and beverage industry. Many a whiskey enthusiast sneers at liqueurs and flavored whiskeys, but frankly, many of them are Yankees who have no knowledge of what it is to endure a long, steamy summer with little more than an electric fan for comfort.

The modern South isn’t like that, for the most part anyway, but some of us recollect a different time, live an outdoors lifestyle, or both. From that viewpoint, Wild Turkey’s Honey Liqueur and drinks like it are a god-send, kept cold and served on ice on a sweltering July evening.

That is where liqueurs come in, because they are pretty much meant to be sipped on ice. Cream liqueurs in particular thrive chilled or in cold cocktails.

The Liqueur
This Orange Cream is different from many liqueurs straight off the bat because of its proof: a mere 30 (15% ABV). This makes it about as strong as the strongest wines, and many whiskey liqueurs are twice that.

The stuff lives up to its name. The scent is faintly sweet orange and dairy, and the flavor is predominately creamy with orange added for good measure. It’s simple, with only the slightest alcohol, let alone whiskey, in the flavor.

Because of that last point, I can’t recommend it as something for the whiskey enthusiast specifically. Sipped cold, it has a dessert-like charm that makes it quite pleasant, however. If you buy it, I suggest keeping it in the fridge instead of pouring it onto the rocks.

The Price
Approximately $25 a bottle.

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