Kelly Klein Talks Scotch


By Richard Thomas

Kelly Klein

British model and peat-head Kelly Klein

My pursuit of the “notable people who like whiskey” beat takes me to authors more often than not, and when it doesn’t I find the interest is usually a casual one. My introduction to British model Kelly Klein was a refreshing change of pace. When we first started e-mailing on the subject, she had just discovered Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old at the airport on her way to a job. As we went farther into the subject, I had the delight of discovering I had a devoted peat-head on my hands.

RT: When I’m interviewing actors and models, more than half the time their whisky interest is pretty moderate, but here you are: a peat fan! Do you find there are many whisky fans in your modeling and photography circles, or are you often on your own there?

KK: Hmm.. The subject hasn’t often come up, probably because I only secretly drink on the job. Joking! Well, I only did that one time…

Many photographers have expressed a penchant for whiskey, not many have heard of my Big Peat though. I like it that way.

RT: You named Laphroaig and Big Peat as two of your go-to whiskies. What draws you to those smoky, salty malts?

KK: Just that! The smokiness. I know a lot of people don’t like the smokey flavour as it’s very distinct but I think it only enhances the whiskey.

RT: What do you think of that other popular branch of Scotch flavor, the sherried whisky?

KK: Errr, I don’t know that. Haha. When I love something I am very loyal to it so my knowledge is all peaty.

RT: You’re from Hull. How is The North on whisky?

KK: In the old town in Hull there are some very old fashioned, eccentric little pubs that stock all kinds of whiskies for a very cheap price and I enjoy taking a trip there and hiding at the back of the room, sampling their offerings. Dalmore 15 year old is a delight!

Kelly KleinRT: Have you ever been up to Scotland to see a distillery? Islay and Laphroaig perhaps?

KK: I do visit Scotland now and then and this is something I’d really love to do but I need to plan it. I’m going to look into that, thank you for the reminder.

RT: Let’s say you stop into your favorite watering hole, go straight to the bar and say “large single malt, one ice cube.” Is that a bad day and you need to blow off some steam, a good day and you are celebrating, or could it be either?

KK: Probably more a bad/sad day. That’s when I have the stamina for it. Or in any mood if I’m in Scotland or it’s  Christmastime. Y’see, since I became a vegetarian it’s the closest thing I get to bacon so at Christmastime. It’s my substitute to a morning bacon sandwich.

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