Wilderness Trace Opens New And Bigger Danville, Kentucky Facility


By Richard Thomas

Kentucky micro-distillery Wilderness Trace has opened their new distillery in Danville, Kentucky and begun producing whiskey there. With their larger facility, Wilderness Trace is now able to increase their output twelve times over and is better able to give visitors a proper Bluegrass bourbon experience.

The new distillery is located on a 21 acre property, with the visitor center set in the Willis Grimes House, an Italianate Federal antebellum home dating to 1859. Tours are available Thursday to Saturday, and tastings Monday to Saturday.

The adjacent distillery is equipped with a 250-gallon copper pot still and a 40-foot tall Vendome column still. Wilderness Trace uses the sweet mash process and produces a wheated bourbon, wheat whiskey and rye whiskey, plus rum and vodka, relying on corn grown just a few miles from the new distillery.

A 2,000 barrel rickhouse is currently complete. The distillery is currently building a second 10,000 barrel rickhouse out of brick to meet its future warehousing needs.


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