Jameson Signature Reserve Irish Whiskey Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B

Jameson Signature Reserve

Jameson Signature Reserve
(Credit: Pernod Ricard)

One of the expressions left untouched in Jameson’s recent reshuffling of its lineup is what was a travel retail offering, Jameson Signature Reserve. This expression was always a bit of an oddball, and not just because it was a travel retail product, but also for coming in a 1 liter bottle, rather than the expected European 70 cl or American 750 ml bottle. Reportedly, Signature Reserve takes the Jameson blend and uses sherry cask-aged stock for the pot still whiskey component.

The Whiskey
The coloring of Jameson Signature is the pale gold one might expect, so no surprises there (especially as coloring is added).

It’s the aromatic nose that first suggests that, as with Black Barrel and Crested, this whiskey is a full step up from the standard Jameson. The sherry cask, pot still accents are really there in a scented concoction of dried apricots seasoned with vanilla and warm spices.

The flavor is a well-made construction, built on a foundation of honey sweetness with toffee cornerstones, overlaid with vanilla, cinnamon and cloves, adorned with raisins and currants and roofed with cedar shingles. It’s a mid-bodied, straight forward and flavorful whiskey, the kind that holds all of its character on the rocks.

The Price
Expect to pay about $50 (€42) for a bottle of signature reserve, and keep in mind that you are getting an extra five shots/10 drams worth of whiskey at that price.

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