Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B-

Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey

Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey
(Credit: Yellow Rose)

Yellow Rose Distilling started out a few years back by following the already tried and true path of the craft whiskeymaker: put out some product at once to build your brand while you get your micro-distillery up and running and your in-house products mature.

In the case of Yellow Rose, that meant sourcing certain products, like the now defunct Yellow Rose Double Barrel, while their Outlaw Bourbon is made by the distillery. In between is Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey, formally known as their Blended Whiskey. In corresponding with me about their current lineup, the distillery implied that some of the constituent whiskeys in the blend were made by them, while remaining opaque about the sourcing side.

The Whiskey
What we have here is a Houston spin on Canadian Whisky. Some of it is bourbon, some of it is not, and none of it is neutral grain spirit. The whiskey was bottled at 40% ABV.

This is a simple, straightforward whiskey, and I must say that although I compared it in a technical sense to Canadian Whisky just now, I like it a lot more than many Canadian blends I’ve had in the past. The nose is fruity with apples and citrus, kind of like a fruit juice blend aged in an oak barrel. The body is neither light nor heavy. Yet the finish is absolutely light, as in not carrying much warmth, and goes down almost clear.

This last point makes this whiskey the very thing I would reach for if I were sitting out on the veranda in a Texas summer. Warm weather whiskey drinking is a subject never far from my mind, living as I do in a country where air conditioning is applied lightly, if at all. This stuff is not a deep sipping whiskey, the sort of thing you take your time with and consider. It’s also not mixer-grade. Instead, put it on ice and enjoy a flavorful whiskey, sans the flavoring, and don’t fuss too much about it.

The Price
Pricing for Yellow Rose Blended Whiskey floats between $32 and $35.

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