Barr an Uisce 1803 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review


By Father John Rayls

Rating: A-

Barr an Uisce 10 Year Old

Barr an Uisce 1803 10 Year Old Irish Single Malt
(Credit: John Rayls)

I enjoy a good Irish Whiskey as an interesting alternative to my normal bold bourbon tastes. With that in mind, I can tell you if you like Irish Whiskey, you’re going to enjoy the 1803 Single Malt.

Barr an Uisce (“bar on ishka”) literally means “above the water.” The Irish monks, early pioneers in the art of whiskey distilling, called their product “the water of life” (uisce beatha) in Ireland as well as in Scotland. It is also the Irish name of the town (Barraniskey) near the heart of the County of Wicklow, the home of the company. Ian Jones, founder of Barr an Uisce, is from Redcross, just south of Barraniskey. A copper-colored cross, source of Barr an Uisce’s logo, still stands in the graveyard in Redcross, and the whiskey is literally cut with water from the well located on the Jones family land.

The Whiskey
The appearance is a beautiful medium gold. Imagine an oak leaf in mid-October in New Hampshire and you have the color in mind. The legs are readily apparent, but more on the thin side.

The nose is soft and yet very inviting. There are notes of roasted nuts, honey, fresh fruit (melon) and some light vanilla in the background. There is no alcohol burn, even at 92 proof.

Instead, there is a wonderfully light creamy mouthfeel with notes of light lemon and ginger on a vanilla base. You may also pick up some light fresh fruit flavors.

The finish is satisfyingly long with pepper and carmelized oak. It’s a spicey finish with the entire experience located near the back of the mouth. This is an easy drinking very enjoyable Irish whiskey. Take your time with this whiskey and simply enjoy the finish.

Without question, drink this whiskey neat.

The Price
Bar an Uisce 1803 10 Year Old Single Malt retails for $79.99.





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  1. Do we know from which house this was distilled?

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