Pittsburgh’s Wigle Releasing Bottled-in-Bond Rye


By Richard Thomas

Located in Pittsburgh, the major city of Monongahela region of Pennsylvania, Wigle Whiskey has made their Rye a cornerstone of their spirits portfolio. Now they are poised to release Rye whiskey from 2012, part of their initial run put into 53-gallon ASBs, as a bottled-in-bond release.

Bottled-in-bond whiskeys have been gaining more attention this year as good bargain options in the midst of a record-setting Bourbon boom. Under the terms of the late 19th Century Bottled-in-Bond Act, a whiskey so designated must be at least four years old, bottled at 100 proof, come from stock distilled and barreled from one distillery and in one distilling season, and aged under the supervision of the taxman.

With this release, Wigle joins Dad’s Hat in producing craft, bottled-in-bond, Pennsylvania-style Rye whiskey.

Wigle has tapped barrels No. 7 and 9 from 2012 to produce 250 full size (750 ml) bottles of Deep Cut Rye Bottled in Bond. These will be on sale at the distillery starting Saturday, November 26, and priced at $75.

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