Amrut Kadhambam Single Malt Indian Whisky Review


By Debbie Shocair

Rating: B

Amrut Kadhambam Indian Whisky

Amrut Kadhambam Single Malt
(Credit: Amrut)

This was my fourth foray into the litany of whiskies from the Amrut Distillery in India, and this expression showcases the endeavor to take what is essentially good core product and bring creativity to the finish. While Amrut has yet to disappoint me, this one seemed an ambitious undertaking. Yet by using portions of their Peated Single Malt Cask Strength  (10%) as well as their Cask Strength Single Malt (90%), blending them and finishing them further in three different used casks, Amrut succeeded in producing a lovely spirit for those who enjoy a not-too-sweet whisky.

Interestingly, rather than blending malts from three different cask finishes, the finished malts are first blended and then spend time in each of the various woods—ex-Oloroso Sherry Butts, ex-Brandy casks, and finally ex-Rum casks—before being non-chill filtered and bottled at 100 proof. Amrut whisky has thus far exceeded my expectations, and this one was no exception (admittedly, I was already giddy at “non-chill filtered”). Amrut seems to have taken particular pride in making whisky that pleases.

The Whisky
On the nose, Kadhambam was heavy with floral notes, oak and honey, though lighter touches of apricot and vanilla came through. Breaking it with ½ teaspoon of water brought the honey just ahead of the floral notes and seemed to mute nearly everything else.

The mouthfeel was easy, but toward the back of the tongue. The finish was smoky, spicy, with cinnamon and nutmeg, and a touch of fruit-sweetness as it faded to tobacco at the end.

This is definitely a good whisky for anyone who enjoys a not-too-sweet whiskey, and further evidence that Amrut takes pride in producing a fine product. I remain impressed.

The Price
This one averages at around $70.

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