Five Things To Know About Women Who Drink Whiskey


By Richard Thomas

Whiskey is trendy, and plenty of women are now out there imbibing the water of life. This is now so commonplace, in fact, that whenever I see an article about “women who drink whiskey” I think “passe” and “cliched.” It’s just not as remarkable anymore.

Even so, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it bears some thinking about what kind of a woman is drawn to whiskey drinking in the first place. A woman who prefers a glass of Irish pot still taken neat might not be a ballsy trend setter making a consciously masculine choice anymore, but there are certainly plenty of other things you can read into making that choice of poison over all the others available on the bar shelves.

She’s An Old Soul And A Thinker/Creator
Whiskey is hardly the only drink that lends itself well to contemplation, but it’s certainly high on the list. Gin, for example, is a drink of choice for the insubstantial. If you are in a lady’s apartment and she has a bottle of Old Pogue in the kitchen, you know there is something deep and either thoughtful or creative going on there late at night.

She Can Hold Her Liquor
Nobody who drinks whiskey with any consistency is a lightweight, and unless you are specifically looking for a cheap date, then a tumbler of whiskey is exactly the signpost you’re keeping an eye out for. What is more, whiskey drinking lends itself to a measured pace, not to bingeing.

So, you can plan on long nights, let the liquor flow, and not need to worry about the night ending with the hysteria of a flighty or ugly drunk date. Or lost cell phones. Or a DUI.

She Prefers Quality Over Quantity
One of the things that sets whiskey apart from say, wine, is that it always comes in small portions. Wine lends itself to refinement, but it routinely comes in a glass holding three or four times as much volume as a shot of whiskey. Sometimes that is even moreso, since huge wine glasses are not exactly uncommon.

Even with a fine wine, you’ll be served a lot. With whiskey, you’ll get a little and need to savor. A woman who is choosing whiskey knows how to make the most out of the small things in life, and that is a very valuable quality.

She Drinks Whiskey
Are you kidding me? If you’re on this website and reading this article, you are a whiskey enthusiast. If she has a Glencairn of Highland single malt, so is she. What in God’s name are you waiting for, and why are you over analyzing this?

Unless She Is Drinking Cheap Whiskey; Then All Bets Are Off
None of this applies if the pours are coming from a bottle of rotgut like Kentucky Gentleman. In that case, she is certainly trashy and probably crazy, with more self-esteem issues than a group therapy session of people who self-harm.

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