Best Whiskey Glasses For Your Collection


You may think that glassware is only designed to look beautiful on a table, but in actual fact, manufacturers have spent years improving and perfecting glasses to maximize your drinking pleasure.

Cast your mind back to the days when you would sneak a sip of your Dad’s single malt Scotch and forced it down with a scrunched-up face and burning throat. What a long way you have come. Now you spend your weekend evenings enjoying your own proper small batch Bourbon; the essence of growing up and proof you’ve entered adulthood.

Different whiskey glass shapes and styles compliment the individual drinker’s personality and style. Don’t you want to enjoy the finer things in life with the best drinking experience possible? The shape, weight and material of glassware can all enhance your drinking pleasure in different ways. We’ve found a variety of different styles, at least one of which is sure to tailor to your taste.

The Tumbler
We had to start with the tumbler, the most common of all whiskey glasses. These short glasses are designed for enjoying mixed drinks or good old whiskey on the rocks. When enjoying your whiskey on the rocks in a tumbler glass, the ice just ‘feels’ right in the bottom with the whiskey poured over. As for mixed drinks, it’s the wide rim and robust base that make it ideal for combining any number of classic whiskey cocktails.  A whiskey set is timeless and a must have for any whiskey devotee, a great place to start if you’re just beginning to enjoy the finer things in life and want to create the perfect whiskey collection.

The Brandy Bowl
Typically used for brandy, this glassware is a firm asset of any gentleman’s club and radiates class. The tulip design of these glasses guides the aroma to your nose, directly into your senses. Brandy glasses are designed so that when held partially horizontal, the whiskey will not spill out, the perfect glass to accompany cigars and discussion after dinner. The thin stem at the bottom is designed to help drinkers swirl their beverage, the ultimate way to demonstrate your whiskey expertise.

The Wine Glass
The traditional wine glass is a surprisingly great cross-over asset to a whiskey collection. It’s a great piece to enable you to really swish the drink around and get some air mixed in with the whiskey; you will notice the improvement in taste. Again, a curved shape directs the smell to your nose. Another great aspect of drinking whiskey from the traditional wine glass is that you can hold the glass without warming its content.

There is absolutely no need to activate the flavour of whiskey with body heat and the best-tasting whiskey drinks are chilled, so keep them chilled for longer by using a wine glass as your vessel. Lsa Glassware is a prime example of this. Both the glasses and barware demonstrate the many different styles and designs of wine glasses and there is bound to be one that slots perfectly into your whiskey collections.

The Shot Glass
The shot glass is perfect for fast ingestion. If you prefer to enjoy the effects of the drink rather than to savour your whiskey, then this is the glass for you. The thick base of the shot glass provides a strong and sturdy container for constant use. Due to the speed of consumption, it’s likely this glass could be used over and over again, so it’s important for it to be durable. Simply put, a range of tasteful shot glass designs guaranteed to complete any whiskey collection.

Each person’s preferences are different and the only way to discover yours is to experiment with different types of glassware for your whiskey. You’ll learn how much a different glass can affect your whiskey experience. When you’ve mastered the glass, pair whisky with great food and you’ll create the best drinking experience possible.

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