Ezra Brooks Rye Whiskey Review


By Randall H. Borkus

Rating: C

Ezra Brooks Rye

Ezra Brooks Rye
(Credit: Randall H. Borkus)

Ezra Brooks dates back to 1957, is known for its Bourbon, and has been a part of Luxco’s portfolio of whiskeys since 1993. Now the brand has added Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey to their product lineup.

Luxco, Inc. is a leading producer, importer and marketer of alcohol beverages. Founded in St. Louis in 1958 (almost concurrent with their future property, Ezra Brooks), the company portfolio of brands include: Juarez Tequila & Triple Sec, Pearl Vodka, Everclear Grain Alcohol, Arrow Cordials, El Mayor Tequila, both Ezra Brooks and Rebel Yell Bourbons, Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky, St. Brendan’s Irish Cream, Salvador’s Cocktails, Yago Sant’ gria and others. Lux Row Distillers, a new distillery currently being built in Bardstown, Kentucky, will be the future home of Ezra Brooks and some other Luxco brands.

This new juice, Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey, is a two year old rye whiskey distilled and aged in Indiana in new charred American oak.

The Whiskey
This rye whiskey has a light brown, slight amber color in the glass, with almost no legs as I swirl the whiskey in the glass. The nose offers familiar rye whiskey overtone of oak and hints of cinnamon spice. The aroma is apparent, but it doesn’t make a bold statement by any means. There isn’t any nasal burn, instead a soft yet steady drumbeat of rye and spice bouquet.

The mouth feel is thin and warm.  The flavor profile reminds me of a young rye whiskey similar to the High West Rye on my shelf, but younger.  The flavor is not particularly surprising and comes across with a typical rye boldness that is of a young rye whiskey complimented with a hint of orange peel sweetness and cinnamon spices.  It doesn’t coat my mouth a great deal, but the flavor rye spice jumps up immediately in the front of my mouth and hurdles it way to the back of my palate.  The warm finish dances in the back of my throat with a hint of candy orange sweetness, oak overtones and a spicy cinnamon that vanishes quickly.

The Price
Overall this is a young rye Whiskey that will be a great cocktail mixer.  It became available in late February 2017 in 750ml bottles at 90 proof for $18.99.



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