Art Eatables Bourbon Chocolatier


By April Manning

During a recent stay in Louisville, Kentucky I was sitting in my hotel room perusing a Downtown Louisville map and I came upon an enticing location promising bourbon chocolates from a bourbon-certified chocolatier. Needless to say I was intrigued and found myself on my way to this ideal chocolate shop.

Established in 2011, Art Eatables is Kentucky’s premier bourbon chocolatier. Founder and head chocolatier, Kelly Ramsey, went through the Stave and Thief Program organized by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association and Moonshine University to become an Executive Bourbon Steward. She was in the program’s first graduating class and is currently the first and only bourbon-certified chocolatier in the world.

This small family owned company is committed to handcrafting small batches of balanced bourbon chocolate truffles. Art Eatables Small-batch Bourbon Truffle is different from most other bourbon candies because the confection and the bourbon are focused on equally. They achieve this balance by choosing chocolates that accent the character and charm of bourbon.

Using all new, original recipes Art Eatables declares that these are not your grandma’s bourbon balls, or your grandpa’s bourbon. Their truffles are highlighted with the character of many of Kentucky’s most loved bourbons with flavors ranging from subtle to strong. From delicate sweet caramel and vanilla tones to bold spiciness you can find a delightful treat to please any palette. In fact, Art Eatables has discovered that even people who do not drink bourbon found themselves liking these truffles!

I sampled two of these delicious chocolate creations, the Wild Turkey (of course!) truffle and the Knob Creek truffle. Both are excellent representations of the characteristics of these fine spirits. The rich velvety smooth Belgian-style chocolate texture gives your mouth an elegant experience while mingling effortlessly with the bold bourbon essence that comes through. Art Eatables has created a high quality product that is a must for bourbon lovers and/or chocolate lovers. And if you can’t make it to Louisville soon, don’t worry, they have an online store, too!

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