Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey Review


By Debbie Shocair

Rating: B

Ballotin Chocolate Mint Flavored Whiskey

Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey
(Credit: Debbie Shocair)

It only seems right that on the heels of Thin Mints and all the other delights proffered by the Girl Scouts this time of year, we should address the idea of a Chocolate Mint flavored whiskey. This is the second of four expressions from Ballotin, the happy brainchild of former Brown-Forman brand manager Paul Tuell, who has stepped into the logical path of playing upon the natural flavor notes found in Bourbon, primarily caramel, vanilla and chocolate. He has developed a line of four flavors, each of which begins with Bourbon-esque whiskey, and this, the Chocolate Mint, is a lovely captivating creature for anyone with a sweet tooth….or a box of Thin MInts.

Just as the other flavors from Ballotin, beginning with light whiskey from established distillers and blended with flavoring components at Challenge Bottling, Louisville, the Chocolate Mint is bottled at a sweet and tasty 60 proof.

The Whiskey
If you like York Peppermint Patties, then this is a whiskey you will enjoy. The nose is absolutely rife with chocolate mint candy, and the mouthfeel is silky-smooth, aided, no doubt, by the sweetness and relatively low proof.

Very precisely, the flavor and finish bring to mind dark chocolate and cool mint, and while the finish is short, it is extremely enjoyable for anyone who has a sweet tooth. I can only imagine this one served after dinner with neat or on the rocks. And, just maybe, as a fabulous addition to your White Russian. Even the Dude might approve.

The Price
Available at around $27. Again, in the slim category of flavored whiskey, this one would earn an A. In our more standard and general observations, a B for sheer enjoyability.

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