Casey’s Cut 92 Moonshine Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: C+

Casey's Cut 92

Casey’s Cut 92 Moonshine
(Credit: Richard Thomas)

Western Kentucky is about to become a focus of national attention, especially among stargazers. A total solar eclipse is coming on August 22, and it just so happens that little Hopkinsville is the best place in the world to see it. Located outside of Hopkinsville is arguably a spot that combines a nice vantage point and a good side-visit for those making the journey: the Casey Jones Moonshine Distillery.

Casey Jones is an authentic Western Kentucky style legal moonshine distillery. The proprietors have roots in Golden Pond, a town that is now abandoned. The land was claimed by the Federal government to create the Land Between The Lakes, but prior to that it was a regional hot bed for corn and sugar ‘shine. Accordingly, they use a wagon bed type still, which is essentially a rectangular copper box.

Legal moonshine is quite a thing in Western Kentucky, and these days Casey Jones has what is arguably the best outfit. Of their line-up, their Casey’s Cut 92 is the standard bearer, so it’s the one you should start with if you pass through those parts.

The Moonshine
As the name implies, this is a 92 proof (46% ABV) liquor. Of course, the liquid is clear in the glass, but it leaves a viscous coat. It drops only a few legs, and leaves a beady crown.

The nose has a certain picnic quality to it, what with the light scent of crisp corn and some fruity cantaloupe. The flavor is a little peppery and gingered on a candy corn layer of sweetness. The finish is clear, short and smooth.

Basically, it’s straight forward, easy-drinking white lightning. For those who are put off by the grainy, corn husk aspect of corn whiskey, well done corn and sugar ‘shine like this offers a nice alternative.

The Price
A full sized bottle (750 ml) of Casey’s Cut 92 costs $32.99, and a half-sized bottle runs $18.99



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