Compass Box Double Single Scotch Review


By Emma Briones

Rating: B

Compass Box Double Single Whisky

Compass Box Double Single Blended Whisky
(Credit: Compass Box)

How many components are required to create true complexity in a Blended Scotch Whisky? Some will say that many tens are required but, for an independent whisky producer as Compass Box, the answer is simple: just two.

The British company has launched the third edition of Compass Box Double Single, a blended whisky made with just one single grain whisky and one single malt whisky (hence the name). The first edition was launched in 2003 and it was relaunched in 2013 as a 10th-anniversary edition.

According to John Glaser, whisky-maker at Compass Box, they believe that when using components of the highest quality, less is more. That’s why they’ve chosen, again, to use two single whiskies for the third edition of Compass Box Double Single.

Following their campaign for transparency in the Scotch Whisky industry, Compass Box has revealed the recipe for their new blend. 72% of the spirit is a 19 year old single malt aged in a re-charred ex-bourbon hogshead from Glen Elgin. The remaining 28% is from an (at least 19 years old) single grain that came from the Girvan distillery and has also been aged in re-charred ex-bourbon barrels.

Compass Box Double Single is a limited edition that was bottled in March 2017. It is non-chill-filtered, has natural colour and has been bottled at 46% volume (92 proof).

The Scotch
Compass Box Double Single is gold in the glass with medium tears. On the nose, there are toasted oak and creamy vanilla notes, followed by a fruity touch. There are red apples, bananas and a hint of plums. In the end, there is a light touch of sweet ginger.

The blend is mellow and medium-bodied. Compass Box Double Single is sweet, fruity and has a slight touch of grass. There is again the creamy vanilla notes, followed by bananas and red apples. It has a touch of spice, with hints of ginger.

The finish is quite lengthy and spicy. The fruity notes fade slowly, leaving a mellow vanilla touch.

Compass Box Double Single is a wonderful blend, really rich and with different layers.  The fruity side blends really well with the sweet vanilla notes, leaving an incredibly well-balanced whisky. It has intense flavors and leaves you hooked on the dram.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many bottles of this wonderful blend (and they say it has quite an age), so the price is high. If you want to splurge yourself, don’t doubt it for one second, you won’t regret it.

The Price
Compass Box Double Single is available worldwide in limited quantities (5.838 bottles). It is retailed at £150.

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