Wemyss Malts Italian Bakery Single Cask Scotch Review


By Emmas Briones

Rating: A

Wemyss Malts Italian Bakery Delight Single Cask

Wemyss Malts Italian Bakery Delights
(Credit: Wemyss Malts)

Wemyss Malts is an independent bottler based in Edinburgh, known for their good judgement when choosing casks of malt that are to be bottled in their single cask line. As they say, “each cask is representative of the best characteristics of its regional origins and only the best are chosen by our Nosing Panel,” which is chaired by the esteemed Charlie Maclean.

Due to this specific selection process, the number of casks produced by Wemyss Malts is usually limited and of great quality.

Now, the Edinburgh-based boutique spirits company has launched a trio of new single casks, and these are exclusive to US market. This is a partnership with Palm Bay International, one of the leading US wine and spirit importers.

Italian Bakery Delight is one of these exclusive single casks bottlings. It has been bottled at its natural color and non-chill-filtered at 46% abv (92º proof), distilled in 1997 in the Glenrothes Distillery. It was bottled in 2016, making it a 19 year old, and only 347 bottles were produced.

The Scotch
Wemyss Malt Italian Bakery Delight has a white wine color, with medium tears. On the nose, it is like Christmas on an Italian bakery. There are vanilla notes, mixed with a touch of cinnamon. There are also some almonds and sultanas.

On the palate, it clearly follows the aromas. Again, there are vanilla, almonds, sultanas. It has a lighter body than expected, but the flavors come strong.

Towards the end of the dram here is a light spicy touch, with fruitier notes like peaches. The end is short but intense.

This expression from Wemyss Malt is like bringing an italian Panettone to the middle of the table after a Christmas dinner. It is impossible not to love it. It is classic and warm, but also extremely surprising. A lovely dram.

The Price
Wemyss Malt Italian Bakery Delight is available in limited markets in the US and it is retailed at $150 per 750ml bottle.

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