Beam’s Little Book “The Easy” Whiskey Hits Distribution


The Beam family is proud to officially announce the launch of Little Book, the first and highly anticipated product release from Freddie Noe, eighth generation Beam family member and son of current Beam master distiller, Fred Noe. The debut of Little Book marks an exciting step forward for the next generation of Beam family whiskey makers.

The Whiskey Reviewer published a sneak peek review of this release in August.

Named after the childhood nickname given to Freddie by his grandfather, legendary master distiller, Booker Noe, Little Book is an annual, limited release series that will feature a new and unique blend each year, presented uncut and unfiltered1. Guiding each year’s release will be Freddie’s passion for crafting high-quality, interesting blends different from anything else on the market.

“I’m humbled and honored to share Little Book with the world,” said Freddie, who currently serves as the distillery’s fermentation manager. “When I joined the family business five years ago, I told Dad I wanted to learn everything there was to know about making whiskey. Along the way, I discovered I’m particularly fascinated by the endless taste profiles that can be created through blending. I’m excited for whiskey fans to taste the first batch of this annual release, and I look forward to sharing new, one-of-a-kind blends every year. It’s a real honor to carry on my family’s legacy, and I hope I’ve done them proud.”

The inaugural batch release of Little Book, called Little Book “The Easy,” draws inspiration from what the Beam family is known for – great bourbon whiskey. Little Book “The Easy” is a blended straight whiskey that features four unique components: uncut and unfiltered1 corn, rye and malt whiskies – representative of the three grains commonly found in a bourbon mashbill (or recipe) – balanced with uncut, unfiltered Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Creating the final liquid for Little Book “The Easy” was a labor of love for Freddie, who worked on the final recipe for over a year and tried more than 25 different blends of the liquid before he decided that it was just right and worthy of his debut release.

“It’s exciting to watch my son, Freddie, follow in the family footsteps and share his passion for blending with the release of Little Book,” said Fred Noe. “My dad, Booker, and I used to always say that if Freddie ever decided to join the family business, his distinct palate and nose, along with his eagerness to learn, would take him far. Freddie’s coming into his own as part of the next generation of whiskey makers, and I couldn’t be more proud to support him as he launches his first product.”

Bottled uncut at its natural proof, Little Book “The Easy” is meant to be just that – easy to enjoy however you like it best, whether that’s neat, over ice or with a splash of water. Little Book “The Easy” will be available nationwide beginning in October in limited quantities with a Suggested Retail Price of $79.99 for a 750mL bottle.


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