Old Potrero Releasing Two New, California-Only Cask Finishes


First released in 1996, Old Potrero is the oldest American craft whiskey in the U.S. post prohibition. While rye enthusiasts have indulged in Old Potrero Straight Rye, 18th Century and Hotaling’s expressions, today, Anchor Distillery introduces two new special cask finishes to its range, Port and Stout, available exclusively in the spirit’s home state of California.

“The selection of barrels has always been a key ingredient to the Old Potrero expressions,” says Master Distiller Bruce Joseph. “This 100% malted Rye Whiskey is aged in new, toasted, extra fine-grain American oak barrels, similar to our 18th Century style. With these special finishes, we explored the influence of wine and beer on the spicy flavor profile of the whiskey.”

Old Potrero Straight Malt Whiskey Finished in Port Barrels

(57.3% ABV; $100 SRP)    

Old Potrero Straight Malt Whiskey Finished in Stout Barrels

(55.4% ABV; $100 SRP)    

Long ago in the distillery, Fritz Maytag, founder of Anchor Distilling, had some apple brandy aged in once-used charred straight rye barrels. After that apple brandy was done aging, the brewery used those barrels to age a stout for about a year. The distillery got those same barrels back and added 18th Century whiskey to them for 6 months. The 18th Century whiskey is not hidden in this cask finish, but highlighted. The roasted malts from the stout mix well with the spicy rye character found in Old Potrero and mellow into a slightly dark chocolate flavor that could only be found where you have both a brewery and distillery under the same roof. Finally, the apple brandy that had been sitting in those barrels getting deeper, and deeper into the oak makes it self-known by gracing the back palate for a slightly sweet, rich finish.

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