Wemyss Malts Treacle Chest Scotch Review


By Emma Briones

Rating: B

Wemyss Treacle Chest Vatted Malt

Treacle Chest
(Credit: Wemyss Malts)

New blends are joining the whisky line of the family run, independent bottler Wemyss Malts. Under the guidance of industry experts, including the beloved Charlie Maclean, the Wemyss family has hand picked casks that show the perfect balance between wood and whisky to craft the blends of its new collection. It is named the “Wemyss Family Collection” and will provide new expressions every year. Each new release has been given flavour led names by the Wemyss tasting panel.

The second release of the Wemyss Family Collection range is Wemyss Malt Treacle Chest. This expression is a blend of only two Highland single malts that, according to the independent bottler, had a sweet, cereal character. Those single malts were chosen to mature in 14 first fill ex-Sherry barrels.

The result is a limited edition of 6300 bottles of a blend that is a clear example of how rich and weighty 1st fill ex-Sherry cask influence unpeated Highland Scotch malt whisky. Wemyss Malt Treacle Chest has been bottled without chill-filtration with natural color at 46% abv (92º proof).

The Scotch
Wemyss Malt Treacle Chest is light amber in the glass and has medium tears. On the nose, is wonderfully sherried, with raisins and nuts on the foreground. It has also some soft vanilla and toasted oak notes that blend well with the cereal side of the blend. A small hint of dried apricots and sweet syrup.

On the palate, Wemyss Malt Treacle Chest is surprisingly fresh and a little bit oily. With a medium body, it highlights the sherry influence on the whisky. There are plums and raisins, blended with dried apricots and nuts. These are followed by sweet notes, a strong presence of sweet syrup and a touch of toffee, with a light hint of coffee.

The finish gets all the spices, but it is not a long one. A medium finish with a toasted caramel touch.

Sherry casks can have a strong influence on whisky, and Wemyss Malt Treacle Chest is a clear example of that. It has all the wonderful notes of sherry, but you can still find some hints of the sweet, cereal character of the Highlands malts used in the blend. A promising sample of what this new range can bring to the Scottish blend scene.

The Price
Wemyss Malt Treacle Chest is officially available in the UK, EU and key Asian markets. It retailing at £47.

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