A Year of Whiskey in Calendar Form


By Michael Cervin

Whisky calendar

(Credit: Michael Cervin)

The idea of the calendar goes back millennia. Obviously we need to keep track of time in some capacity, otherwise we miss work, make late payments and life pretty much goes to hell rather quickly. But for us lovers of brown spirits, why not make a calendar that’s at least interesting and allows us to read about whiskey, bourbon and Scotch every day? So the 2018 A Year of Good Whiskey, one of those page a day calendars, might fit the bill.

Some of the days are rather tedious: the age-old banal conversation about the “e” or missing “e” in the word; or the predictable nod to Japanese whiskies (Sep 20th). But then there is the more nerdy history of whiskey in terms of taxes in Scotland, to Canada’s whiskey train (Sep. 13th). There are useful tasting notes (Nov 9th, The Balvenie 12-YO Doublewood; Jan 30th, Laphroaig 10 YO); even a few recipes, such as May 31st, which is Spiked Southern Tea.

There’s even a quote of the month like April 18th from Mr. Al Capone: “When I sell liquor, they call it bootlegging. When my patrons serve it on silver trays on Lake Shore Drive they call it hospitality.”

All in all, it’s not a bad bunch of pieces of paper with information on them. For the knowledgeable connoisseur little of this will come as a surprise, but for the neophytes and even mid-level enthusiasts, this would be a better holiday gift over, say a tie, or a gift card to Whole Foods; short of a killer bottle of beautiful whiskey itself.

A Year of Good Whiskey

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