Chapter 7 19 Year Old Highland Scotch Review


By Father John Rayls

Rating: A-

Chapter 7 19 Year Old Highland Single Malt

Chapter 7 19 Year Old Highland Single Malt
(Credit: Chapter 7)

This is a very unusual and very limited bottling of a 19 year old single malt scotch from an undisclosed distillery in Scotland for Chapter 7 in Switzerland. Did you get all of that?  Yeah, it’s a little confusing if you are an American, but not all that uncommon over in Europe.  In addition, there were only 1076 bottles filled, or was it 1130? Reports conflict on that note. The bottles were filled from two ex-Sherry casks at 113.4 proof which should be more than enough to get your attention.

The Scotch
The look of this whisky is a pale yellow, with flashing gold and white highlights. The legs are narrow, but sparse and appear only reluctantly. The nose rises to meet you in a most agreeable manner with only a light tingling. The aromas reflect the sherry influence with ample notes of fruit, floral and oak that create a magnificent expectation.

This is a complex single malt with multiple layers of aromas and flavors dancing on and off the palate and in and out of the nose. The mouthfeel was light, which was a little surprising after all the preliminaries. The flavors of oak, floral and fresh fruit filled my mouth, with some very nice medium warming effects accompanying them. Most of the action takes place mid-mouth and back encompassing both upper and lower parts of the mouth.

The finish is long, satisfying and filled with heat. However, the heat never overstays its welcome and never rises to an offensive or shocking level. It starts at the back and slowly creeps forward with each sip, eventually making it all the way to the front including the top of the tongue even onto the lips. This is a whole mouth experience that quickly captures your attention and your imagination.

Chapter 7 Highland 19 Year Old Single Malt Whisky is definitely a name you’ll want to remember.

The Price
Consider yourself fortunate if you can find a bottle for under $160.00. It is definitely out of my price range, but it is very enjoyable.

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