Thieves In France Made Off With $800K Of Rare Whisky


By Richard Thomas

A week ago saw what might be the biggest robbery of whisky ever in Paris. On Sunday the 12th, thieves broke into the renowned French whisky retailer La Maison du Whisky and made off with merchandise estimated to hold almost $800,000 in value.

After breaking through the stores metal shutters and front door without alerting any of the neighbors, the thieves selected 69 bottles of exceptionally rare whisky. This feet even more astounding in view of the store’s location, across the street from the British Embassy. Making off with what amounted to just seven 12-bottle cases, they stole €683,000 ($793,670) worth of spirits. The haul included a 52 year old, Sherry cask-aged Japanese single malt, a 1960 Karuizawa single cask bottling known as “The Squirrel,” widely regarded as one of the rarest Japanese whiskies on the market. This bottle alone is reckoned at €195,000 ($229,800).


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