New Distillery May Open Adjacent To Wilderness Trail


Kentucky’s Wilderness Trail is a largeish craft distillery located in a curious location, on a historic farm outside Danville, Kentucky. This town is known as a well-to-do county seat and college town, but it is also in a out-of-the-way location, not directly tied to an interstate or parkway and on the periphery of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Now it seems that Wilderness Trail will probably get a neighbor. Danville’s City Commission took steps to annex a farm into the city limits, preparatory to extending city water and sewer services to it. The map that was part of the development proposal that prompted this annexation proposal shows a distillery and 17 rickhouses, as well as an access road to Wilderness Trail’s property.

In addition, the Boyle County Industrial Foundation has applied for a zoning change.

What company is behind these proposals is unknown at present, but it isn’t likely to represent further expansion of Wilderness Trail, who recently launched a cask strength rum and is waiting for their initial whiskey stocks to mature. The distillery had already bought additional land in February, and announced plans to invest almost $10m and use the expansion capacity of their existing building to raise production capacity. Thus, the seem unlikely to need such a large parcel of extra land or in need of a new facility.

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