Writer’s Tears Distills Organic Pot Still Whiskey


The New Year at Walsh Whiskey Distillery. located in Royal Oak, Ireland, has brought the distillation of what the company is billing as the world’s first ever organic single pot still Irish Whiskey. That billing is true from a modern point of view, although strictly speaking at least some pot still whiskeys of the 19th Century were made using organic barley. This new spirit will be released under the Writer’s Tears brand in several years time.

Following certification by The Organic Trust  in the first week of January, Walsh Whiskey Distillery commenced the distillation process based on a mash of malted and unmalted barley, the ingredients of pot still whiskey. The new make spirit was triple distilled in the distillery’s three copper pot stills to 81% ABV, and was entered into both first fill bourbon barrels and virgin oak barrels and will mature for a minimum of 5 years. It is anticipated that this batch will yield in the region of 30,000 bottles of what will be a unique first for Irish whiskey.

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