Street Pumas Blended Scotch Whisky Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B-

Street Pumas Blended Scotch Whisky

Street Pumas Blended Scotch
(Credit: PM Spirits)

If you are a spirits nerd (distilled, not ghostly), then the latest outfit to pay close attention to is PM Spirits. Last month we took our first look at their doings with Mic Drop Bourbon , a cask strength, 8 year old MGP-sourced bourbon. PM Spirits is into more than just bourbon though, and among their offerings is a line called “Street Pumas,” which includes a vodka, a gin, a rum and a blended Scotch whisky.

Street Puma Scotch is a young cat at that. It’s three years old, the statutory minimum for Scotch whisky, and draws on 60% grain whisky and 40% malt whisky. That is a pretty high ration of malt to grain, but not as extraordinary as it used to be in the modern era of crafty independent blenders. PM Spirits bottled it in Jerez, at the 40% ABV.

The Scotch
The age of this whisky comes straight out in the look, which is just a half-step removed from clear and just tinged with the palest yellow. That said, it’s a viscous liquid, and the coat of the glass yields a curtain of thick, slow-moving tears.

The scent follows very much in those lines. It’s oily, while being only faintly aromatic. It’s as if the vapors were heavy, but not carrying much. The flavor is also a light one, but coming from a liquid with a hefty, oily texture. It’s a little malty sweet, spiced up a little with cinnamon and anise, and with just a suggestion of smoke. The finish is slightly woody and on the dry side, and fades away fast.

The odd thing here is that as light as the whisky is, it’s not insubstantial. Nor is it really subtle. Like good broth, it’s flavorful without packing much weight to it. I think these characteristics might make it a good, east-drinking Scotch for people who don’t ordinarily like it. That said, I think it’s light flavors might not do as well in a cocktail.

The Price
Street Puma Whisky is fetching $35.

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