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Westland Garryana American Malt Whiskey Review

Westland Garryana Oregon Oak American Malt

By Debbie Shocair26% Rating: B+ With the prolific explosion of craft whiskey production in the United States, it’s lovely to run across one that genuinely tries to stand apart, exploring new horizons in search for ways that whiskey can be made more interesting. Such is the latest work of Westland Distillery’s Master Distiller Matt Hoffman in their Native Oak series. ...

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Westland Peated American Malt Whiskey Review

Westland Peated American Malt

Updated May 6, 2016 By Father John Rayls Average Rating: B Westland Distilling’s mission is to create an American version of a Scottish style whisky, and one of the most famous kinds of Scotch is peated whisky, so any serious effort to follow the Scottish style must necessarily tackle the peat. Westland Peated American Single Malt Whiskey was the result. ...

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Westland Sherry Wood American Malt Whiskey Review

Westland Sherry Wood American Malt Whiskey

Updated March 23, 2016 By Elizabeth Emmons Average Rating: B Westland Distillery, founded in 2010, is located in the heart of Seattle, Washington and is one of the largest single malt distilleries in the nation. It boasts of a 5,000-liter mash house that operates seven days a week, filling 10,000-liter fermenters, and a copper 7,560-liter wash still with a copper ...

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Westland American Malt Whiskey Review

Westland American Malt

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ Westland Distillery began operating in Seattle, WA in 2010, producing their 92 proof Single Malt American Whiskey. In 2014, they began shipping nationally via Anchor Distilling, pushing the concept of a product with ingredients grown and produced exclusively from the Pacific Northwest. Emerson Lamb, President of Westland Distillery, wants to put the state of ...

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