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Inside The Kentucky Cooperage

ISC Kentucky Cooperage

By Debbie Shocair When you invite me to tour your plant and in the same breath claim, “We rarely let the press come,” they already have my undivided attention. Add to that the plant being a mainstay of the Bourbon industry and you get to keep my attention, at least for an hour or two. That mainstay of Bourbon is ...

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The OFC Bourbons Raised Over $1M For Charity

In the fall of 2016, Buffalo Trace Distillery donated two hundred rare bottles of vintage-dated whiskey to non-profit organizations across the country. The results are in, and these collectable O.F.C. bottles have raised more than one million dollars for various charities across the United States. All fundraising events were completed by early March, and a grand total of $1,196,687 was ...

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The Top Ten Bargain Scotch Whiskies

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Old

By Liam Hiller Whisky drinking often starts out as an interest, but before long it can blossom into a fully-fledged hobby; just ask the thousands of whisky enthusiasts dotted around the world. For many, the moment the sweet nectar of their first dram passed their lips is iconic and remembered for the rest of their lives. It opens a gateway ...

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