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Fall #AF Punch

Fall Punch

By Julia Ritz Toffoli A couple of weeks ago I was up in the Hudson Valley with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday and visit the Tuthilltown Distillery, where Hudson Whiskey, among others, is produced. Now, I’m from Massachusetts, so I’m well familiar with fall foliage, and the gorgeous explosions of color that graces New England during autumn. ...

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Buffalo Trace Sour Mash Experimental Bourbons Review

Buffalo Trace Sour Mash Experimentals

By April Manning Rating: B- Buffalo Trace Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky, has decided to get back to basics with the latest release in their experimental whiskey program. They have made bourbon using the traditional (some may say old-school) practice of souring the mash. In this method the mash is cooked, cooled and allowed “to sour” before the yeast is ...

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Book Review: Alt Whiskeys

By Richard Thomas America’s two major whiskey states are Kentucky and Tennessee, and only one distillery straddles them: Corsair. With stills in Nashville and Bowling Green, Corsair is a micro-distillery surrounded by the majors. If that weren’t enough of a bold statement, Corsair’s innovative approach to whiskey-making has earned it a place in the forefront of the craft whiskey movement. ...

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