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Five Things To Know About Women Who Drink Whiskey

Jessica Jones takes a swig of Heaven Hill

By Richard Thomas Whiskey is trendy, and plenty of women are now out there imbibing the water of life. This is now so commonplace, in fact, that whenever I see an article about “women who drink whiskey” I think “passe” and “cliched.” It’s just not as remarkable anymore. Even so, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it bears some thinking ...

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Kentucky’s O.Z. Tyler Gets $25m Capital Injection

Terressentia Corporation, a spirits producer in N. Charleston, SC and owner/operator of the O.Z. Tyler Distillery in Owensboro, KY, has closed on new capital funding of $12,250,000 in preferred equity and a new term loan of $13,250,000. Proceeds will be used to retire $17 million in convertible debt that the company raised to purchase and renovate the O.Z. Tyler Distillery ...

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