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Close-Up On Confederate Stills of Alabama

Cypress fermentation vat

By Richard Thomas One of the problems confronting early entrants into the American micro-distilling boom was finding someone to build a copper still to suit their needs. In just one example, the Barrel House Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky told me that when they opened in 2008, they had to go to the Hoga Company in Portugal to find what they ...

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Ranger Creek Formally Releases .44 Rye Whiskey Today

Ranger Creek has released their new Texas rye whiskey as the third installment of their Small Caliber Series.  Following the series’s theme of naming each whiskey after a firearm, the .44 Texas Rye is named after the powerful Walker Colt of the 1840’s. Past Small Calibers include the .36 bourbon and the Rimfire mesquite-smoked American malt. The Whiskey Reviewer got ...

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Whiskonsin Whiskey Mustard Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Part of the whiskey boom is the way whiskey is finding its way into all sorts of products, and while “Jack Daniels in everything” might dominate your supermarket shelves, the better examples of whiskey in food are more usually found in more niche-oriented shops. One of those better examples comes from Milwaukee Mustard Co. In ...

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