Old Blowhard 26 Year Old Bourbon Review

Old Blowhard Bourbon

By Kurt Maitland Rating: A As we’ve mentioned before, Diageo started their Orphan Barrel series this past February with two aged bourbons: the Barterhouse 20 Year Old and the Old Blowhard 26 Year Old. Diageo plans to build on these two selections from Lousiville’s old Stitzel-Weller facility to make several limited releases a year of rare, aged whiskeys drawn from ...

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Frat Boys Destroy Georgetown College Building In Search Of Whiskey

Giddings Hall demolished

By Richard Thomas A fraternity prank turned tragic early this morning when members of Georgetown College’s Kappa Alpha organization inadvertently demolished the front of the college’s historic Giddings Hall while in pursuit of aged bourbon whiskey. Scott County, Kentucky is home to not just Georgetown College, a Baptist liberal arts school, but is also the legendary birthplace of bourbon whiskey, ...

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Whiskey & Women Talk, Well, Whiskey

Whiskey & Women

By Richard Thomas At The Whiskey Reviewer, we dwell a good deal on the interplay between whiskey and writing, but aqua vitae has a strong presence among musicians too. Plenty of songwriters mention whiskey in their work, and some devote entire songs to it. A few even name their band after the stuff, which brings us to Whiskey & Women. ...

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Q&A With Sullivans Cove Distillery

Patrick Maguire, Sullivans Cove's Master Distiller

Interview with the Award-Winning Tasmanian Distillery By Richard Thomas Sullivans Cove wasn’t the first whisky distillery to come out of Australia’s early 1990s legalization, but it got started early and has come out twenty years later at the forefront of one of the most vibrant of the world’s new national whiskey industries. The distillery now has three single malt expressions ...

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