Governor Steve Beshear Talks Bourbon

Gov. Steve Beshear at Wild Turkey

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear Shares His Taste in Bourbon By Richard Thomas Although the micro-distillery boom has spread bourbon-making across the United States, Kentucky is still the bourbon state. This is so much the case that despite bourbons from Colorado, New York, and Texas grabbing awards and headlines, the popular myth that only bourbon from Kentucky is really bourbon is ...

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Close-Up on The Barrel House

Interview with The Barrel House Distillery of Lexington, KY By Richard Thomas Situated in the old barrel house of the James E. Pepper Distillery on Lexington, Kentucky’s Manchester Street, The Barrel House Distillery did more than just bring distilling back to a historic building. When Jeff Wiseman and Pete Wright started initial production in 2008, they also brought distilling back ...

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Founding Bankster: Alexander Hamilton and the Whiskey Tax

By Richard Thomas Among the Founding Fathers, perhaps the most controversial is Alexander Hamilton. Although many of Hamilton’s ideas and policies proved ultimately beneficial to the early United States, Hamilton’s motives and intentions remain as suspect today as they were at the time. A would-be quasi-aristocrat with one whole foot out of the monarchist closet, Hamilton was an 18th Century ...

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