Q&A with Ranger Creek

Ranger Creek's Still

Interview with Mark McDavid of Ranger Creek Distillery, San Antonio, Texas By Richard Thomas Micro-distilling has spread like wildfire in recent years, and craft brewing is already a fixture in America, but very few companies combine them. One such outfit that produces both beer and whiskey under one roof, sometimes called a “brewstillery,” is San Antonio’s Ranger Creek, who have ...

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Whiskey History: Elijah Craig

By Richard Thomas Educator, entrepreneur, and Baptist minister, Elijah Craig is also often credited as the legendary “Father of Bourbon.” The enduring appeal of Craig as the founder of Bourbon lies in the irony of a Baptist minister inventing America’s signature whiskey, and in a place that later became part of a liquor-free, first “dry” and then “moist” county* to ...

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Touring the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Warehouse and Water Tower

By Richard Thomas Buffalo Trace has built up an impressive reputation for crafting a wide, deep line of premium American whiskeys, as well as for its willingness to experiment with new whiskey-making techniques. That reputation has made the distillery’s Frankfort, Kentucky facility a fixture on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a must-see for any serious fan of Kentucky bourbon. The distillery ...

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Q&A with Penderyn’s Stephen Davies

Close-Up on Distilling in Wales By Richard Thomas When Penderyn opened their doors in 2000, they became the first distillery to operate in Wales since the 19th Century. Since then, the micro-distillery has collected garlands aplenty, and demand is so high that Penderyn intends to triple their production. The busy little distillery in Rhondda Cynon Taf has become a place ...

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Touring Town Branch

Coffman with his Forsyth's stills

By Richard Thomas Whether you call it Town Branch Distillery, Lyons Spirits, or Alltech Brewing and Distilling, it’s the place that put Lexington back on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The world’s thoroughbred horse capital hadn’t had a bourbon distillery since the closure of the James E. Pepper plant in 1958, but now horse racing enthusiasts, traveling whiskey-lovers, and Lexington residents ...

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