Top Whiskey Picks for 2013

Compass Box Peat Monster 10th

The Whiskey Reviewer doesn’t have any formal awards to give out, at least not yet. However, that does not mean that we don’t have our opinions. Our staff comes across plenty of noteworthy whiskey during the year. Our purview extends to embraces all types of whiskey, from bourbon to moonshine to scotch; covers whiskey from around the world, from Australia ...

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Whiskey Sourcing and Scandalmongering: All Smoke, No Fire

Mitcher's Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Last month in my article about the potential for an Irish distillery building boom, I explained how building a whiskey brand is difficult, and building a distillery is expensive, so some new companies get started by selling sourced whiskey first and installing their copper later. This has become a fairly common practice in the United States, so ...

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Is Ireland Set For A Distillery-Building Boom?

By Richard Thomas Whiskey is booming, and few sectors of the world whiskey market are booming moreso than Irish whiskey, with just the American revenues for Hibernian spirits having grown by 460% in the last decade. Jameson, by far the largest brand name in Irish whiskey, has grown from shipping less than half a million cases in 1988 to more ...

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