American Rye Whiskey: A Primer

Templeton Rye Whiskey

By S.D. Peters It could be the Pennsylvania blood in my veins or a taste for the less popular that made a Rye drinker of me.  American Rye whiskey, that is.  But really, if I’m going by taste, then it’s the distinctly dry, spicy qualities that drew me to this often overlooked style of American whiskey. Or, I should say, ...

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Bourbon vs. Scotch

By Richard Thomas Bourbon and scotch are arguably the two most famous styles of whiskey. Irish whiskey has its niche, of course, as do non-bourbon American whiskeys like rye. Yet the two big contenders are whiskey’s Kentucky gentleman and its Scotland laird, and that simple fact leads to inevitable comparisons. The ill-informed unfortunately come away with the idea that scotch ...

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Whiskey vs. Whisky

By Richard Thomas When our review of Grant’s Family Reserve was posted on Grant’s official Facebook fan page, one of the comments received mocked us for labeling Grant’s as “whiskey.” This is because Grant’s label reads “Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky,” and this website defaults to spelling it as whiskey all of the time, and to some whiskey lovers a lot ...

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About Whiskey Distillation

By Richard Thomas I’m sometimes surprised by how little so many lovers of whiskey know about distillation until they make their first visit to a distillery. Until that visit, distillation is an almost magical liquor-making process involving almost medieval equipment and ancient techniques. Distillation is an ancient process, but there is nothing magical about it. Instead, distillation is the science ...

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